“Dr. Miglis is exactly the chiropractor you want if you like to communicate with your provider. Dr. Miglis always takes the time to speak to his patients because he understands that wellness is not simply about having an aligned spine or a particular number on the BMI scale. Dr. Miglis believes that wellness begins with his patients being heard and understood. In a world where physicians rush you in and out of their presence, Dr. Miglis practices the lost art of being kind to his patients by spending time with them. I promise you’ll leave his office with the sense that he truly understands your unique situation; because he does.” Jen Hall

“He is very good. He is very thorough, very conservative, and he doesn’t do work that you don’t need. He is great. I will continue to use his services in the future.” Linda Anderson

“Diagnosed Back Pain and provided stretching exercises to prevent future pain. Excellent. Did not oversell. Did not require long term commitments.” Rob Bracewell